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June 12, 2007
Roger Kershaw appointed one of five exclusive "Accredited Space Agents" in Canada allowed to book Virgin Galactic's suborbital space flights ...==>

October 9, 2005                                      October 8, 2005

Luxury for less: Cashing in without paying full price
Forget about waiting - best deals go to those who book early

Excerpt by DEBORAH STOKES CanWest News Service

Roger Kershaw  ... specializes in luxury travel arrangements for an affluent clientele. ... Kershaw's picks of destinations that are in the forefront of luxury travel but not quite fashionable enough to command five-star prices include: India, which offers great value and ultra-luxury hotels; and Vietnam, which also now boasts luxury resorts. "You can travel in style and luxury in Vietnam at very affordable rates." Eastern European destinations Prague and Budapest are now popular with Westerners and the prices "are getting up there," he says. But others, such as Warsaw and Croatia, remain a bargain, he says.

Buenos Aires is another "unbeatable" destination for the price, Kershaw says. The Argentine capital offers a number of five-star hotels, and the country is still recovering from its peso devaluation, which gives the loonie considerable clout. "Couple it with a beach holiday in Brazil and you have a great vacation for excellent prices," he says.

Just don't tell anyone else.

Roger Kershaw | PressNational Geographic Traveler (Insider's Guide to Toronto), April 2003
Mostly concrete monoliths, the city’s hotels are geared more to conventioneer convenience than to beauty. Roger Kershaw, co-owner of Toronto Downtown Bed and Breakfast, proposes that while the city may cater more obviously to the business traveler, there is a respite for the pleasure traveler. The Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, and Windsor Arms all have unsurpassable locations in and around Yorkville, an enclave of art galleries, boutiques, and eateries. And all three have amenities that lure both guests and nonguests.

“The Four Seasons is the city’s benchmark hotel, with by far the most cachet,” Kershaw asserts. “The two concierges are amazing and can get you anywhere, and the suites are beautifully appointed.” Also noteworthy: the restaurant. What the newly refurbished Park Hyatt may lack in seniority, it makes up for in sleek design and its Roof Lounge, which proffers a dreamscape of the city. Tucked away on a side street, the boutique Windsor Arms seduces with a champagne and caviar lounge, regal tearoom, and mahogany-trimmed suites.

For those seeking crisp sheets and wallet-sparing prices, a handful of B&Bs in some of the city’s prettiest residential neighbourhoods prove ideal choices. Kershaw favors Rosedale’s Robin’s Nest, a whitewashed romantic country house with bay windows, sumptuous suites, and lily-hemmed gardens. Another Kershaw favorite is Terrace House, in the Casa Loma neighborhood. Ex-Montrealers Suzanne Charbonneau and Pierre Desautels bring a Quebecois bonhomie to this European-style inn. Here you’ll find pastel bedrooms, cats dozing on geranium-lined stoops, and inventive breakfasts (saffron frittatas, or spreads of dragonfruit fresh-picked from Chinatown, yogurt, honey, and cardamom).

Also in the same issue of National Geographic Traveler:

Toronto Downtown Bed and Breakfast: The Ritz-Carlton of B&Bs, this place is among the most inviting in North America. Steps from Yorkville, this three-room Victorian is an intimate respite from the sometimes maddeningly stylish environs. Walls are washed in serene shades of fawn and pewter gray, fine-china breakfasts are fortifying adventures, and, accommodatingly, hosts will be as coddling or laissez-faire as you wish.



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